UFOs fly across the skies of La Palma. Canary Islands, Spain

The island of La Palma is a hot spot in the UFO sighting path. The last case occurred two days before last Perseid shower.

Curiosity As the ship tracks the surface of Mars, in La Palma are still spotting UFOs (UFOs) traveling through the sky at breakneck speed. The latest came two days before last Perseids shower, about 23.20, and swept the sky of the municipalities of Los Llanos, Tazacorte and Tijarafe. “It was a spectacular light, in a circle, they went into the sea and then disappeared,” says a witness. The Star Island is a hot spot in the worldwide UFO route.

Is a topic “delicate” that nobody wants to talk but almost everyone knows. The presence of UFOs in La Palma, mainly in the coastal area between Windward and Tazacorte, dates back to the fifties of last century and the phenomenon “is increasing,” said a neighbor GarafÃa who prefers to remain anonymous. “Since childhood I have seen strange things here, but I’m sick of talking about this issue because I only bring problems,” is justified.

La Palma is a hot spot in the global route following buffs UFO tourism practice. Elsewhere travelers travel to the island with relative frequency for monitoring of these objects which supposedly cut through the sky. Some of them have even taken up residence in palm land to devote to study the phenomenon.

Years ago, team members Jiménez del Oso, the renowned psychiatrist and journalist specializing in themes of mystery and parapsychology, visited the island to discuss sightings coming witnessing some clappers. More recently, other experts on these controversial issues have arrived in La Palma for the same purpose.

The tourist exploitation of UFO sightings pays off with great success in Chile, in the Atacama Desert, where they build the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), a colossal optic infrastructure was about to settle in La Palma and whose mission, among others, nothing less than the search for extraterrestrial life.

The last sighting of UFOs in La Palma that has been reported was recorded two days before last Perseid meteor shower, about 2320 hours, and the object crossed the sky in the municipalities of Los Llanos, Tazacorte and Tijarafe. “The light, in a circle, was spectacular, everything was lighting like day, then entered the sea and disappeared, but there was no sound,” says a witness of the strange event. “There was a shooting star,” this source says flatly he does not want to reveal his name. “He who has not seen it is taking a joke, and I do not want messing with these things,” he says.

Red lights in disc form

The pattern of UFOs that were sighted in the sky over La Palma “is well defined,” explains GarafÃa neighbor above. “These lights shining disc-shaped and come from the sea and land target, or vice versa.” The color, in all cases, have observed repeats. “It’s an intense red light, which changes to violet or pale blue when away” details.

The sighting was recorded, especially in the early hours of the morning and evening, but have also been seen in the morning or any time of the night. Sometimes even these luminous disks have been observed “in broad daylight”. The unidentified flying objects, according to various testimonies, moving through space in a stealthy way, emitting only a low hum.

However, nobody claims to have provided figures with strange beings or human form. “I’ve never seen anything like that, nor have I been afraid, but I can assure that I have observed lights from very close and are amazing,” says the anonymous source referred to. In this sense we must recall the warning that the scientist Stephen Hawking launched in 2010 from Discovery Channel: “Aliens almost certainly exist but humans is advisable to avoid direct contact with them.” Hawking considers “perfectly rational” to assume intelligent life elsewhere, but warns that aliens “possibly raid on Earth will to source resources and then leave.” In the event that aliens visited Earth, says Hawking, “the result will be similar to when Columbus landed in America, a meeting in which the natives of the Americas were not the most benefit.”


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