Strange sounds from the sky ?

Over the past few months on youtube and on various websites, you talked a lot of strange sounds heard all over the world. From Australia to the United States , the Ukraine, Costa Rica, and even in Italy, these sounds , called ” sounds of the apocalypse ” , have intrigued many viewers of the phenomenon and not only. As always comments about the phenomenon have been varied: from buffalo to the imminent end of the world . There are claims that the sounds were taken from ” scores ” of work in Hollywood, and who strives to disseminate the truth of the sounds. The fact is that , given the importance and magnitude of the phenomenon , addressed one of the most influential scientists who studied the sounds : prof. Elchin Khalilov , a geophysicist who works in the field of geodynamics . Khalilov has a degree in geophysics at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy in 1981. Until 1984 he was a postgraduate student at the Institute of Geology of the Academy of Sciences IMGubkin in Azerbaijan and in the same year was awarded the highest award for young scientists through the Azeris in Azerbaijan Komsomol Lenin Prize Science and Technology in recognition of his scientific achievements. In 1990 he defended his doctoral thesis at the ‘ Lomonosov Moscow State University on the study and prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions , and has been awarded the highest academic degree as doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences .

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Mr. Khalilov , what is the unusual nature of the sounds reported by a large number of people in different parts of the planet since the summer of 2011?
Many call them ” The sounds of ‘ Apocalypse.” The reports we have received from all over the world : USA, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Russia , Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine , etc. . We have analyzed these sounds and found that the majority is within the range of infrasound , which is inaudible to humans. What people feel is then only a small fraction of the actual power of these sounds . It is noise at low frequency in the range between 20 and 100 Hz modulated by waves of infrasound very low , between 0.1-15 Hz geophysics , are called acoustic waves of gravity ; are formed in the upper atmosphere , in particular to edge of the ionosphere . The causes attributable to these waves could be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions , hurricanes , storms, tsunamis , etc. However the scale of the hum observed in terms of both area and power far exceeds that which can be generated by these phenomena .

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In this case, what could be causing this buzzing in the sky?
In our opinion, the source of this immense and powerful manifestation of these acoustic waves of gravity would lead to large energy processes . These processes include powerful solar flares and huge energy flows they generate , running towards the Earth’s surface and destabilizing the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere . Therefore , the effects of powerful solar flares , the resulting impact of the shock waves in the solar wind , the flow of particles and bursts of electromagnetic radiation , would be the main causes of generation of acoustic waves of gravitation , following the increase of ‘ solar activity. Given the increase in solar activity (due to the normal eleven-year cycle of schwabe , ed), resulting in increased solar flares from mid-2011 , we can assume that there is a high probability of correlation between the two phenomena . It should be emphasized that the solar activity began to intensify sharply since the beginning of 2011 , with its amplitude significantly higher than all the forecasts given by a number of scientific institutions in 2010 and 2011. Meanwhile, the observed increase in solar activity is fully consistent with the predictions of GEOCHANGE , Report of the International Committee published in June 2010. If this rate of growth of solar activity were to continue, its amplitude by the end of 2012 will be higher than the amplitude of the solar cycle 23 , and in 2013-2014 the solar activity will reach its peak. The amplitude expected from us will be of 1.5 – 1.7 times greater than the amplitude of the cycle 23.

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But she said that the cause of the ” sounds of the apocalypse ” come from inside the Earth’s core . What does this mean?
There are many possible causes inherent in these sounds. The fact is that the acceleration of the drift of the magnetic north pole of the Earth, has increased more than fivefold between 1998 and 2003 and is at the same level as the points of intensification of energy processes in the center of the Earth, since they are processes in the interior and exterior of the core, to form the earth’s geomagnetic field . Meanwhile, as we have already reported , November 15, 2011 all ATROPATENA geophysical stations that record the three-dimensional variations of the gravitational field of the Earth, about the same time showed a strong gravitational impulse . The gift stations located in Istanbul , Kiev , Baku, Islamabad and Yogyakarta with a distance between the first and the last of about 10,000 kilometers. This phenomenon is therefore only possible if the source of this issue is the level of the Earth’s core . The enormous release of energy from the core of the Earth occurred at the end of last year, it was sort of the start signal indicating the passage of the internal energy of the Earth to a new active phase. The intensification of energy processes in the Earth’s capable of modulating the Earth’s magnetic field , through a chain of physical processes in the ionosphere , generates acoustic waves of gravity in an audible range , heard by the world population in the form of a scary sound low frequency in different parts of our planet. In both cases , although the cause is quite understandable for geophysicists , are indicative of the expected significant increase in solar activity and geodynamics of our planet. If all this were true, we might expect . There is no doubt that the Earth’s internal processes regulate the energy of our planet, and therefore , we should expect for the end of 2012 a sharp increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions , tsunamis and extreme weather events , with even higher levels , however, in the phase of the solar maximum in 2013-2014 .

IN CONCLUSION – I mean, are still many doubts related to this story , although according to the scientist would exclude the media hoax . In his opinion the sounds would come from natural causes related to geological phenomena influenced by solar activity . If that were the case we would be facing a very interesting phenomenon to be studied .


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