Mythological legends about the origin of the Canaries: Atlantis

For many centuries, even after the Canary Islands were conquered by the Spaniards , the idea prevailed that these were the mountaintops of Atlantis , a large submerged continent between Africa and America. Legend has it that this vast island of Atlantis , dominated by Poseidon, god of the sea , was inhabited by the Atlanteans , a wealthy and wise people, and honest , generous and peaceful.

However, this changed and that virtuous people got greedy and warlike and that was when Zeus, king of the gods , decided to punish the Atlanteans and , in one night , and volcanic eruptions caused large tsunamis that destroyed Atlantis. Although another version of the story suggests that the real reason for the punishment was that the Atlanteans discovered the secrets of cosmic energies that controlled only the gods. In any case, the Atlantis myth holds that , under water , it is still possible to discover its extraordinary cities .


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