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My name is Diego and I’m the creator of this site , born out of a passion that I carry on for many years, about 20 , which is to get interested in phenomena that affect the world of UFOs and not solo.Vivo in the beautiful island of Tenerife , in the south , where they occur and have occurred in the past, the majority of sightings and reports about it, and that’s why I decided to create a portal where all those who so wish to send material (photos, videos, links, share experiences , ask questions , etc. . ) so that my passion might involve and inspire more people to the world of UFOs , UFO ( Objecto volador no identificado ) in Spanish, and for everything that happens in this island paradise dominated , says my friend , dad Teide, the highest mountain in the Spagna.Per any information about , curiosity , questions, sending files, documentation , etc. . , are at your disposal and it is for this reason that in the contact section you can find all my references .

The island of Tenerife is often cited as one of the most prolific UFO sightings for the world and everything that revolves around this phenomenon, and that’s the word UFO, OVNI into Spanish, Objeto Volador No Identificado.
There are different theories to try to explain the large amount of sightings, some say that everything is due to the magnetic force exerted by the highest mountain in Spain, the majestic Mount Teide (3718 m), now dormant volcano , which can be seen even from space, or with landscapes out of the ordinary, just look at his mountain areas that seem to be head outside to the Moon or even landscapes from our sister planet, Mars. Just when they were on Mount Teide to understand what I’m talking about, all thanks to the fact that the island of Tenerife you can see a large portion of the night sky, making it ideal for all those who are passionate about this increasingly type of sightings, the famous Sky-Watchers.
Over the years there have been many sightings, reported by hundreds of people both civilian and military, throughout the island although the warmer areas appear to be the ones facing the south, the area of ​​Medano, the Pelada mountain , the Roja mountain and the beautiful beach of Tejita seem to be the ones chosen to have visual contact not only with strange beings from other worlds, another hot area, is the air of Granadilla although we must not overlook the coast to the extreme the area north of Punta Hidalgo near the small seaside village of Bajamar, here there are many reports of people who have seen a vis à vis the strange beings.
Obviously you have dozens of cases of sightings of unidentified flying objects in the area of ​​Las Cañadas del Teide, all perhaps due to the fact that the site is isolated from everything and all the light pollution seems a distant memory, giving the viewer the possibility of being kidnapped by the magic of the stars and the charm of our wonderful universe.
I mention in this article the most unusual and best-documented case of any Spanish ufology, one related to sightings of March 5, 1979 where thousands of people, including civilians, soldiers, pilots and technicians saw that day at approximately 18 : 30 a strange phenomenon in the sky, a sort of zig-zag yellow horizon, and then a phenomenon with the release of multi-colored concentric circles, which ended after about 1ore and a half with a glowing object, a kind ball of fire which descended down until it disappears on the horizon, which still remains without an official explanation.
Also important are the sightings of strange objects in the eye area of ​​Los Cristianos and over the highway that connects the Lagoon in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, silent objects, with the ability to change shape, and silver in the sky seen clearly through the ‘use of binoculars.
Perhaps we will never fully understand the phenomenon related to the UFO, but if we were really alone in the universe would not be a waste of space?