Height: 1.9/2.30 or more
Skin: hard ( probably exoskeleton ) or soft green and brown, sometimes dotted with chunks of embossed leather .
Muscle: soft and strong , almost absent.
Hair: absent , sometimes include bumps on the head like antennae
Manos : sometimes have something like hand with two or three fingers , others are marked similar to insect legs.
Eyes : very large , which also surrounds the head to the side , in the similar to the structure of the insect .
Dresses vary : they are often seen without clothes , sometimes witnesses are annoyed by the presence of clothing. “It is absurd – says an abductee – grasshoppers are two meters, but wearing a silver dress ”
Biology : apparently, the locusts have evolved in a rather complex way , it is unknown whether on this planet or others. Many argue for the origin of the extra- dimensional insectoid , that would come from another time-space continuum and not a distant planet. Indeed 90 % of biological morphology of these beings seems attributable to insects , including carnivorous diet , while their reproductive system would not be compatible with the human being , and any hybridizations were performed in vitro only. Sometimes grasshoppers and ‘ hybridize ‘ – maybe with DNA from other races, such as the Grey – seem to possess the ability to support reproduction with humans . Despite their frightening appearance, many abductees have admitted – after a lapse of time understandable – get used to his presence , and his experiences have had the impression that they were very smart and adorable talkative , with a deep interest in human psychology.

Insectoid Mantide

Height: 1.90/2.40
Skin: hard ( probably exoskeleton ) , brown , olive green times.
Muscle: soft and strong , almost absent.
Hair: absent , sometimes include bumps on the head like antennae
Manos : sometimes have something like hand with two or three fingers , others are marked similar to insect legs. According to some witnesses , the presence of hands would be a recent ‘ genetic mutation ‘ .
Eyes : very large , which also surrounds the head to the side , in the similar to the structure of the insect .
Biology : notes available – there seems to be evidence seized in the terror of the mantis as potential man-eaters . Actually this figure is uncertain because the insectoid , more than any other race , makes extensive use of substances that alter perceptions of reality kidnapped . Errors of fact would be very interested in our strong psychological and emotional reactions , including fear and terror, and not hesitate to instill fear in certain humans uncontrolled purposes unknown . According to Corrado Malanga , professor of physics at the University of Pisa, the insectoid estrarrebbero our endorphins, and accommodate the mass of our mental energy , including in relation to current events , such as wars , revolutions and Marian apparitions , the last – according to Malanga – organizes on purpose just to mantis and grasshoppers . Personally, I think at least part of it called religious apparitions – or defined as such by witnesses – especially those in which beings appear tall and blond , are attributable to the activities of the Northmen , who usually have never seen, along with the insectoid .


They live in the caves of Puerto Rico and its name means ” goat -eating ” a little more than a meter tall , with red eyes , fangs, long claws and wings of vampires. They work at night to maul and kill and devour livestock. It is assumed that the crew of a spaceship crashed on Earth , but some argue that it is alien escaped from a secret military base in the jungle during a hurricane !


By angelic features aliens would be the protagonists of the cases of “contactees ” . It looks very nice , I’m about six feet tall, with blond hair and blue eyes with bright tones . The features are classic human beauty. Often seem to emanate light. What is striking about these creatures is their wisdom and goodness for its great spiritual evolution.


Height: 2.30 or more
Skin: very light and hard, with a little insensitive hardening plaque near the joints of the bones
Muscles : Exceptionally strong and powerful.
Hair: light blond .
Manos : nn
Eyes: clear , cut larger than normal
Dresses : varies
Biology : had a bone -muscular structure much more developed than normal , perhaps due to a greater severity of our planet.

NORDIC elven

Height: 1.85/1.90
Skin: smooth olive
Muscle: elegant but strong and elastic.
Hair: golden blonde
Mani is sometimes described four fingers
Eyes: clear (often blue), very large and inclined vertically organized to seem very unnatural to our standards.
Dresses vary , often catsuits
Biology : notes available , would have some biocompatibility with humans and have great agility . The face is thinner than normal and crushed ( ‘unique’ effect).

TINY Marziani

Sweet and loving come to Earth to bring development , peace and happiness!

reptilian ANFIBIOIDE

Height: 1.90/2.00 m
Skin: generally smooth , thick as cetaceans and green or white, sometimes scaly or flaking are located in parts of the body.
Muscles: normotipo , harmonious
Hair: absent.
Hands : Five webbed fingers (ie , membranes with typical flip flops amphibian breeds)
Eyes: Large , sometimes protruding , with vertical pupil or iris , red and yellow
Dresses : various , often prefer not to use anything, especially if they have to swim.
Biology : the evidence seems certain that these beings are able to breathe underwater, and to be really equipped with amphibious capabilities . For example , in 1966, the Soviet B. Borovivikov was hunting sharks in the Black Sea, to see , to a depth of 8 meters gigantic beings coming toward him , swimming in the depths. His skin was pale, almost white , webbed feet and hands, eyes bulging . I saluted and left. Many other times anfibioidi beings have been seen . Basically anfibioidi the most common would be the humanoid form , with smooth and thick, greenish skin, in certain areas covered by scales or small scales , webbed feet and smooth hands. Other beings would rather anfibioidi white with transparent skin through which you want to see the blue veins , yellow eyes and a protruding cartilage edge amid the forehead and they would need human blood. And others have a humanoid body, webbed feet and hands ( three fingers ) , and well developed muscles similar to frogs face.


Foreign players monstrous appearance and kidnappings in Italy. In particular , we recall the famous case of the Genoese Fortunato vigilante Zanfretta who was kidnapped several times by these beings almost three feet high, with a pointed head , green and wrinkled skin , yellow eyes triangular scales in place of hands. This type of alien has been seen not only in Italy but also in many countries of Latin America.


This type of alien has very similar physical characteristics to man , the only thing that differs is the head and eyes red egg-shaped . They often have a tight suit, move with caution and tend to flee when confronted with the witnesses.


This type of alien has complete ovoid body . They were seen in different sizes , one meter, but sometimes two . The eyes are oval or round and bright. Appear uneven.

Beings of Light

Entities of this type seem to float in the sky , are seen at night (often near military installations). They are usually reddish -orange color, they tend to grow larger and smaller. They seem to hypnotize the witnesses.

animalistic BEINGS

Stephen on 11/25/1973 Pulascki , along with his two sons found a dome -shaped object that appeared to be landed in Greensburg , Pennsylvania. Suddenly they saw two similar creatures to Yety , 2.5 m high with bright yellow eyes . Pulascki initially thought were bears and fired a shot that received only the effect of making them turn to them, the children ran like crazy while shooting Pulascki ritentava in vain .


Betty Andreasson says he was kidnapped several times , one of them ( 01/25/1967 ) at home in Aschburnham , Massachusetts. After being ” loaded” in a flying saucer Betty says , after space travel has come to a place where he could see the 90 cm tall creatures . , Similar lemurs , crawling on buildings. Although he had not possessed the head eyes on stalks furniture species .


Lee Parish, Prospect , Kentucky , said under hypnosis that he was kidnapped from 1/27/77 3 creatures that seemed machines and had the appearance of the plates. Two were about 1.80 meters tall. , A red and thin, the other white and massive , third much higher than the other with a height of about 6 m. and everything was black .


Aliens covered fully by those who look like helmets and suits of astronauts. Their movements seem almost mechanical , as well as to assume that this is the automata. Some are fitted respirator and its dimensions are generally smaller than those of humans .

little people

No more than four feet tall, gray-skinned and seem to bare his head disproportionate in relation to lean body , long arms ending in clawed fingers touching the ground . They have large elephant ears , huge yellow eyes and mouth, a small crack . Seem to emanate intense heat.


Also called mothman , comes from the constellation Draco , no other entity in the past have visited Earth . They are about 8 feet tall, with dark red eyes (light to dark ) and wings. They are at the origin of the legends of the winged monsters and vampires. Mothman has not much influence on Earth. Lives in underground hiding places and do not want to draw attention to himself.


The Pleiadians are distant relatives of the human race . They are the ancestors of the race responsible for creating the genetic identity of human beings. They have a higher level of spiritual development of human beings . They are clear and allies of the confederacy and intergalactic space blond hair and skin. Some Pleiadians are subject to Greys have been abducted by the children or descendants of abduction and these have been bred and trained by the grays as their slaves . The Pleiadians have had in the past a lot of contact with the ground , but recently discontinued their visits to Earth in space due to a law which prohibits them from interfering with the fate of the other races , unless they do not endanger other species of galaxy. If the threat of a nuclear war to interfere in order to avoid it. The Pleiadians have repeatedly warned the danger gray Land governments.

Reptiles lizards O DRACOIDI

Height : from 2:00 to 3:40 meters approximately
Skin: hard , scaly, brown or green. Some of the dinosaurs were a completely white skin, with scales of the same color.
Muscle : Strong and powerful, elongated
Hair : absent, although they often have strong impacts on the forehead , sometimes both developed by the horns even be true. These bumps are often at the center of the forehead, and continue along the back. Sometimes certain bony prominences may also appear elsewhere in the body, such as shoulders.
Manos : usually have four toes three + an opposable thumb.
Eyes: larger than a human , but less than the gray , the iris is golden, yellow or red and student is cut .
Biology : In comparison with other reptiles of the first difference between lizards and other reptiles is the presence – often described – the wings that start from the back. These wings are folded , and often by a long coat is covered . Whether these wings can afford the flight . In addition, the lizards ( also called Dracoidi ) would have a much more athletic body and handsome other reptiles. His torso is very thin muscle although muscles and neck start at the width of the shoulders and the base of the formation of a single block giuntano jaw. It seems that the more advanced hierarchically lizards are marked by white skin : Some abductees have seen several brown or green -skinned lizards treat white skin with devotion and respect as they were kings or generals.

dinoid reptiles

Height: 1.90/2.20 m
Skin: hard, scaly , usually brown or beige
Muscles: strong , squatting
Hair : absent, often have ridges on the skull
Manos : usually four ( little known thumb) fingers.
Eyes: large ( but not gray ), surrounded by a raised area with a double eyelid and iris yellow or green apple with cut
Biology : Some data available. Your body shape is more squat reptiles ‘classic’ , usually postural attitude and movements are closer to those of dinosaurs to humans (hence the name). The legs are often articulated as those of animals , and when they do run like ostriches , based on the forefoot . Their greater muscle mass and weight (up to 200 kg in adult dinoid ) make formidable warriors . Compared to the ‘classic’ it has the reptile brain is less developed, making them less suitable for technological tasks, but developed their hyper senses and incredible speed make exceptional soldiers .


Such aliens would come from the constellation Draco , so also called draconian .
Have important physical size , their height ranging from 2 meters to two meters and eighty centimeters .
These features, combined with its superior technology “would allow them to conquer any planet , being a warlike people .
For some, the draconian might actually be a threat to humans and our planet , because, supposedly , would have come into contact with the various groups of hidden power present in the soil . Some researchers have also ventured the hypothesis that using this breed
humans for food.


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