Conspiracy Theory :

The UFO conspiracy theory is unproven conspiracy theory according to which evidence of the real existence of alien origin of the flying objects had been removed or at least that some governments are in possession of it without the knowledge of the population. This conspiratorial theory has many variations depending on the authors , but generally includes the idea that governments would actually be in communication or cooperation with hypothetical extraterrestrial entities .

Some of these theories come to argue that governments would explicitly allowing alleged alien abductions in exchange for unspecified superior technology.

Typical elements of this kind of conspiracy theories are:
– The existence of an alleged shadow government or a New World Order (New World Order ), which secretly would control the fate of the world.
– A hypothetical conspiracy of silence designed to hide the public of the existence of UFOs and aliens.
– A sort of agreement or alliance of some kind between the government ( or governments ) and extraterrestrials ( face , for example, to conceal the alleged cases of alien abduction ) .
– Elements taken by ufology , as the Roswell incident and Area 51 .

I have never emerged credible evidence extraterrestrial origin of UFOs : vice versa , according to supporters of the conspiracy hypothesis , these exist , but they would be the military and / or governments to cover them up systematically . For example, according to ufologist Robert Dean NATO there would be a secret relationship in which one would say that the Earth has been visited by at least four alien races (one race identical to humans, by humans only to a different skin color , then the grays and reptilians ) .

Skeptics , applying the principle of Ockham’s razor (according to which , a priori, the simplest explanation is the most likely) , observe that if instead the evidence does not lie is because they do not exist.

On the other hand it should be noted that there are supporters of the UFO conspiracy (at least in some parts ) of a certain authority, such as former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell ] ( the sixth man to put his foot on the moon during the space mission Apollo 14) and Gordon Cooper, from which NASA dissociates claiming to not share these views , and that there is no research on UFOs , considered very difficult phenomenon to be studied scientifically as a non-repeating, and former defense minister Canadian Paul Hellyer , who spoke of this alleged ” conspiracy of silence” .

The official position of the government about these statements is that there is nothing to cover UFOs.


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