Did you know that there have been several alien sightings in Tenerife?

Very late one cloudless night I even saw a UFO myself but by the time my hubby had  come out to see what I was shouting about, the mysterious and silent craft that were flying across the sky in perfect formation had disappeared. With no photo to prove it (or have dismissed as a weather balloon or whatever) and the memory of my hubby’s look of deepest worry as he pondered whether I had finally lost the last of my marbles, I shrugged off the strange sighting, putting it down in my mind to ‘military aircraft’.

I have always found the idea of aliens more comforting than scary. The thought that someone out there knows what the hell they are doing is quite pleasing. In my version of events, the aliens will let us get ourselves into the worst mess and then step in with the Germolene and lollipops right at the last minute saving us all from the course of destruction that we put ourselves on long ago.

Movies are never like that though are they. Except for that sweet one about all the wrinklies getting their groove back in the swimming pool of their old people’s home, Hollywood always has alien arrival accompanied by blood shed, plague, weather anomalies and planes dropping from the sky. (OMG! Maybe they are already here?)

The latest alien abduction movie, The Fourth Kind,  is no different. It focusses on the real life disappearance of several people from Nome, Alaska in the recent past. Even the recurrent and ongoing FBI investigations haven’t thrown any light on the mysterious goings on and so it must be aliens, right?

Of course the psychologist who winkles chilling subconscious memories from possible alien abductees just had to be drop dead gorgeous and so Milla Jovovich was roped in to play the part of Dr. Abigail Tyler. The movie is supposed to be quite creepy so I am guessing the little green men won’t be handing out lollipops and that their agenda in The Fourth Kind has got nothing to do with saving us from ourselves.

Whatever they are up to in Nome, Alaska, I doubt the aliens could have picked a worst spot to fiddle with the population. Even at the height of the tourist season, the sleepy city would find it hard pressed to find enough warm bodies to fill a football stadium. It is obvious that in a place where everyone knows your name, the regular borrowing of the citizens for a little research and development in a flying saucer would not stay a secret for very long.

The aliens would be smarter to organise their hunting parties on any Saturday night in Las Americas. There they could find any number of people who not only would be unlikely to put up much of a fight, they also wouldn’t need much in the way of anesthetic and would be unlikely to remember anything at all the next day.


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