U.F.O. in Las Chafiras aerea

The witness said he saw an unidentified flying object on the day October 27, 2013 at 10:24 am. The sun was on the other side of the object and therefore it is not nor sun, nor of a plane and even stars or something similar. The picture was taken in the Las Chafiras in the […]

Die Kanarischen Inseln:

Inseln sind eine Inselgruppe im Atlantischen Ozean, die eine der siebzehn Autonomen Gemeinschaften Spaniens, als Nationalität anerkannt, und eine der Regionen in äußerster Randlage der Union Europea.5 Es besteht aus sieben Hauptinseln bildet: El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma und Teneriffa, die die Provinz Santa Cruz de Tenerife und Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria und Lanzarote, aus […]

UFOs fly across the skies of La Palma. Canary Islands, Spain

The island of La Palma is a hot spot in the UFO sighting path. The last case occurred two days before last Perseid shower. Curiosity As the ship tracks the surface of Mars, in La Palma are still spotting UFOs (UFOs) traveling through the sky at breakneck speed. The latest came two days before last […]

CANARY: The Fortunate Isles

CANARY: The Fortunate Isles by Angel Rodriguez Alvarez Some time ago I wanted to talk about one of the most wonderful places on this planet, instead I choose to spend a short vacation annually I always produce a special feeling, once the hard time I assumed the flight, the plane that I have a real […]


Insectoid GRASSHOPPER Height: 1.9/2.30 or more Skin: hard ( probably exoskeleton ) or soft green and brown, sometimes dotted with chunks of embossed leather . Muscle: soft and strong , almost absent. Hair: absent , sometimes include bumps on the head like antennae Manos : sometimes have something like hand with two or three fingers […]


Insectoid SALTAMONTES Altura: 1.9/2.30 o más Piel: duro (exoesqueleto probable), o marrón verde y suave, a veces salpicado de pedazos de cuero repujado. Músculo: suave y fuerte, casi ausente. Cabello: ausente, a veces destacamos protuberancias en la cabeza como antenas Manos: a veces tienen algo similar a las manos con dos o tres dedos, otros […]

Avistamientos de O.V.N.I. en Tenerife

Tenerife es uno de los lugares más mencionados en los estudios sobre ufología. Son incontables las historias sobre avistamientos de ovnis, e incluso contactos con extraterrestres, que han tenido por escenario esta Isla, considerada por muchos un lugar mítico dentro del fenómeno ovni. Las costas de Tenerife y los insólitos paisajes del Parque Nacional de […]

The House of the Devil: El Teide

The Teide is an active volcano which brought out for the last time his voice in 1909. The tranquility of this majestic creation of nature has made us forget that could once again erupt at any moment. Today he is remembered for being, at 3,718 meters, the highest mountain of Spain and the beautiful nature […]

Un agujero de gusano:

Un agujero de gusano: Un agujero de gusano podría permitir en teoría el viaje en el tiempo. Esto podría llevarse a cabo acelerando el extremo final de un agujero de gusano a una velocidad relativamente alta respecto de su otro extremo. La dilatación de tiempo relativista resultaría en una boca del agujero de gusano acelerada […]

Conspiracy Theory :

The UFO conspiracy theory is unproven conspiracy theory according to which evidence of the real existence of alien origin of the flying objects had been removed or at least that some governments are in possession of it without the knowledge of the population. This conspiratorial theory has many variations depending on the authors , but […]